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September Transport

Our September 30th transport took 18 dogs from homeless and hopeless to our rescue partners and a happy future. Bingo below came to us from Bibb County in central Georgia. This happy Bassett Lab boy was heart worm positive and didn’t have much of a future when we rescued him. Now treated and heart worm free, Bingo is now a New Hampshire dog and waiting for his forever family! We can’t wait to share his happy tail photo on our Facebook page! Click on Bingo’s photo below to see all of the dogs on our September transport and please consider donating to Canine Caravan Rescue to help us continue saving dogs like Bingo!

August 2017 Transport

Jack the Pants (so named because it looks like he is wearing yoga pants:) is one of 9, 4 week old puppies that the owner was going to throw in a dumpster if someone didn’t take them that very day!  Needless to say, we just couldn’t let that happen.  We offered to pay him for the mom so they could nurse at least 3 more weeks and he said no!  Sadly, we lost 2 of the puppies after a valiant effort by the great vets we work with.  Three of the puppies were adopted locally and 4 went on transport to our partner rescue groups up north.  In addition to Jack the Pants, we transported 14 other lucky pups to new lives in the northeast!  Click on the photo of Jack below to see them all!

July 2017 Transport

June 2017 Transport

On June 17th, Canine Caravan Rescue transport 24 precious pups from kill shelters in Georgia to our approved rescue partners in the northeast.  Sweet Brinkley pictured below was one of the lucky dogs who made the trip and has now found a loving new home in NJ.  Check out our Facebook page for updates and happy tail photos of some of the pups with their new families.  CCR is so grateful to all of our supporters, donors and foster families!  You make it possible for us to continue our lifesaving mission for these great dogs!  Click on Brinkley’s photo below to see all of the dogs that CCR transported to new lives in June.